Monday, January 26, 2009

My first and won't be the last

Hola, Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Namaste ...

Let me first say that I've always blogged in the past, but somewhere thru the years, I just stopped. Had another blog created recently (well, not too recent, couple of months back to be exact), but obviously that didn't go too well.

The thing is, I've never stopped reading other people's blogs. Makes me miss having a blog sometimes, especially when I am bored (like now).

I believe, in my own opinion, in your own blog, you are free to say whatever you feel like saying regardless of what others might think of you. When I used to be a blogger back in my 'younger' days, I often express my emotions. My blog was like my second place that I go to. I'm always open to comments, so people never hesitated in leaving me a feedback. I thank them.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ana. People call me AnaBella, just cos there are more than one Ana here in Dublin, even in the world! On another note, Anabella has always been a nickname for me ever since I was in the States. Taken from Sean Paul's Get Busy. That's how I am differentiated from other Ana's. I am currently pursuing Masters in Business Admin., which is a total opposite from my degree. I proudly hold a BA in Behavioral Science, hoping MBA will further one of my expectations in life. When I'm not in college, I'm mostly at work. Most of the time I feel the urge to quit, however, I've been working at this place for quite sometime now, which I do enjoy. It'd probably be weird if I stop working, but it'd be nice to not have to work and just enjoy college life and most importantly, to give college 100% focus. Let me story you, I think I have too many commitments at moment (no, not with my love life), commitments such as that I have to divide my time to going home to Blanchardstown to my sister's, deal with stressful college (esp. cos this is my last sem.), as well as with work. I've no time for myself! I'm overworked I tell ya! I miss my sister dearly, and I miss her kids too! I miss helping her around the house, and Qystina (niece)'s sillyness. I miss just having a chat with my sister. We pretty much tell eac other everything! Well, who else to go to if not family right? I'm blessed to have her with me here in Dublin. I'm blessed to even have a boyfriend that I have now. He's just, oh so patient, and loving, and oh, the list goes on and on =) .
Anywhoooooo, on the other note, I work in Dundrum at FURLA. It's an Italian designer luxury brand. I love everything about it. I cannot stress this any other way, but I am sucha handbag addict! Individuals are different, some are willing to spend lotsa cash on rent, or clothes, or food etc., but I spend most of mine on handbags. It's a waste actually to think about it; eventually, one day I will stop spending too much money. Only God knows when that day will come.
Oh oops, this girl is quite sleepy.
Until then ....
TTFN (ta ta for now).


  1. waaahhhhhhhh.....
    ana udeh ada bloggggg.....
    keep it up

  2. heya ana!
    i add up ur link already :)

  3. nanti no..check kat opish ni takut boss pulok nampaok