Thursday, January 29, 2009

11.45 pm

Here I am pondering all by myself ...

on my right, i see a clock, turn to my left, i see another clock, face infront, i see another clock.

What is this?!!! I suppose it's a sign that I should really go to bed cos I'm working early tomorrow. Oh joy (in a sarcastic tone)!

On a positive note, one of my closest cousin is coming to Dublin tomorrow, that should be an event to look fwd to!

Seriously, Dublin is such a depressing place to live in; it showers alot, with heavy wind.
Gloomy days don't entice people to explore more of what's there to offer on this land. All there is to do is basically stay at home and munch non-stop!
I'm telling ya'll, this isn't a healthy lifestyle at all!

peace out and much love,

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