Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lil Angel is now all grown up

By Lil Angel, I meant my niece Qystina.
Now, I want to share a video with you as I've only realized that I had it.
Here's how I found it. My sister told me that her digi cam is broken (Qys was being notty), so I thinking hmm maybe I should offer her mine (lend it to her), cos I don't really use mine anymore. Nowadays, everyone has a camera, so there is no point for me to bring mine out cos I know the others will take photos with theirs. Why not share? Furthermore, I have my boyfrend's cam. if worse come to worse. So, before actually giving it to my sister, I thought of deleting all the old pix in the camera, only to discover this memorable moment of Qystina. Truth to told, I miss her...I miss her a lot. If you don't know me, I've never lived on my own before and this is my first time. Well done to me! I do see her a lot, but not lately, work is really keeping me busy! I just wish I'm growing an actual money tree in my room, water it everyday, keeping it alive so lil baby dollar bills can start blooming (well in this case it's euros). But heck, face the reality, it can never come true. Only dreams and fantasy.
Continue on with my story earlier, I've lived with my sister since I landed in Dublin. At that time, she wasn't married yet - and now she's got two kids (2nd one just recently). How time really flies! When I was to lazy to work, I stayed home (during summer hols) and as a good aunt, took care of the lil one. I can recall every moment I spent with Qystina, all the joy, laugh, anger, sillyness etc, up til today. How can you forget someone you've always taken care of right? YOU CAN'T! Anyway, this is a funny one, the day that I had to move to my own place, when my sister dropped me off, waited til the car drove away, I burst into tears like a crazy woman. I don't know what got into me. Obviously, I felt empty cos I know I'd be on my own, and Qystina isn't around to bug me, or even my sister to bug me. I knew it will be a big change for me. I took it slowly each day by day. Not staying with my sister anymore cos she's moved far from my work and college, also I think this is good for her as a family to not have any other individuals staying with them. This will bring them all closer as it had make me closer to my sister.
So as I pressed play for the video, there was this lil one, only learning how to walk, still inbalance, looking clueless and not being loud like she is today. I just cried. No words to describe my emotions. Oh so many emotions runninh thru my mind and filtering in my heart. I just wish I could see Qystina and her lil brother Qimi everyday if not every weekend. Just take some time and preview the vid. It'd be worth watching.

peace and <3,

Friday, February 6, 2009

A past to remember

Hi ya'll,

I'm at work at the moment, bored to death!
Actually, the internet isn't for personal use but f**k it! There's nothing else to do other than surf! I'm keeping my heads up incase the camera suddenly faces the computer :p ...

Dublin has been snowing this week, which is a very rare case. First of all, Dublin doesn't snow and doesn't stay winter white, secondly, it snowed more than once.

Despite being at work , all the thoughts of my younger days came into my head. I had my cousin over for last weekend, who was supposed to fly back to Notts on Monday but due to heavy snow, her flight was cancelled and she stayed for another night! yay! ANywhoooo, had my sister and her family over for a small get together. I haven't been to her home in a while now. I've no time, college calls, work calls, semua laaa... now getting back to my story, we were eating our dinner and having a conversation and suddenly my sister brought up something about my past.

Listen to this, if you are new at my blog, having to look at my profile picture, would you think I'm violent? Maybe a possible gangsta back in the days?? Your answer is probably 'No' right? I was shocked of how brutal I was back when I was young, lets say during kindergarten? I was in Brunei at that time, and my sister told a story of how the school had to call my parents a few times and meet the principal. Why? Well, because apparently, I liked to 'pau' kids for their money and food! Unbelievable! hahahaha ... I was laughing my a** off! No wonder I turned out how I am today (in a good way). Blame my childhood!

Oopss gotta go, the other staff is here!



Thursday, January 29, 2009

11.45 pm

Here I am pondering all by myself ...

on my right, i see a clock, turn to my left, i see another clock, face infront, i see another clock.

What is this?!!! I suppose it's a sign that I should really go to bed cos I'm working early tomorrow. Oh joy (in a sarcastic tone)!

On a positive note, one of my closest cousin is coming to Dublin tomorrow, that should be an event to look fwd to!

Seriously, Dublin is such a depressing place to live in; it showers alot, with heavy wind.
Gloomy days don't entice people to explore more of what's there to offer on this land. All there is to do is basically stay at home and munch non-stop!
I'm telling ya'll, this isn't a healthy lifestyle at all!

peace out and much love,

Monday, January 26, 2009

My first and won't be the last

Hola, Hello, Hi, Bonjour, Namaste ...

Let me first say that I've always blogged in the past, but somewhere thru the years, I just stopped. Had another blog created recently (well, not too recent, couple of months back to be exact), but obviously that didn't go too well.

The thing is, I've never stopped reading other people's blogs. Makes me miss having a blog sometimes, especially when I am bored (like now).

I believe, in my own opinion, in your own blog, you are free to say whatever you feel like saying regardless of what others might think of you. When I used to be a blogger back in my 'younger' days, I often express my emotions. My blog was like my second place that I go to. I'm always open to comments, so people never hesitated in leaving me a feedback. I thank them.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ana. People call me AnaBella, just cos there are more than one Ana here in Dublin, even in the world! On another note, Anabella has always been a nickname for me ever since I was in the States. Taken from Sean Paul's Get Busy. That's how I am differentiated from other Ana's. I am currently pursuing Masters in Business Admin., which is a total opposite from my degree. I proudly hold a BA in Behavioral Science, hoping MBA will further one of my expectations in life. When I'm not in college, I'm mostly at work. Most of the time I feel the urge to quit, however, I've been working at this place for quite sometime now, which I do enjoy. It'd probably be weird if I stop working, but it'd be nice to not have to work and just enjoy college life and most importantly, to give college 100% focus. Let me story you, I think I have too many commitments at moment (no, not with my love life), commitments such as that I have to divide my time to going home to Blanchardstown to my sister's, deal with stressful college (esp. cos this is my last sem.), as well as with work. I've no time for myself! I'm overworked I tell ya! I miss my sister dearly, and I miss her kids too! I miss helping her around the house, and Qystina (niece)'s sillyness. I miss just having a chat with my sister. We pretty much tell eac other everything! Well, who else to go to if not family right? I'm blessed to have her with me here in Dublin. I'm blessed to even have a boyfriend that I have now. He's just, oh so patient, and loving, and oh, the list goes on and on =) .
Anywhoooooo, on the other note, I work in Dundrum at FURLA. It's an Italian designer luxury brand. I love everything about it. I cannot stress this any other way, but I am sucha handbag addict! Individuals are different, some are willing to spend lotsa cash on rent, or clothes, or food etc., but I spend most of mine on handbags. It's a waste actually to think about it; eventually, one day I will stop spending too much money. Only God knows when that day will come.
Oh oops, this girl is quite sleepy.
Until then ....
TTFN (ta ta for now).