Friday, February 6, 2009

A past to remember

Hi ya'll,

I'm at work at the moment, bored to death!
Actually, the internet isn't for personal use but f**k it! There's nothing else to do other than surf! I'm keeping my heads up incase the camera suddenly faces the computer :p ...

Dublin has been snowing this week, which is a very rare case. First of all, Dublin doesn't snow and doesn't stay winter white, secondly, it snowed more than once.

Despite being at work , all the thoughts of my younger days came into my head. I had my cousin over for last weekend, who was supposed to fly back to Notts on Monday but due to heavy snow, her flight was cancelled and she stayed for another night! yay! ANywhoooo, had my sister and her family over for a small get together. I haven't been to her home in a while now. I've no time, college calls, work calls, semua laaa... now getting back to my story, we were eating our dinner and having a conversation and suddenly my sister brought up something about my past.

Listen to this, if you are new at my blog, having to look at my profile picture, would you think I'm violent? Maybe a possible gangsta back in the days?? Your answer is probably 'No' right? I was shocked of how brutal I was back when I was young, lets say during kindergarten? I was in Brunei at that time, and my sister told a story of how the school had to call my parents a few times and meet the principal. Why? Well, because apparently, I liked to 'pau' kids for their money and food! Unbelievable! hahahaha ... I was laughing my a** off! No wonder I turned out how I am today (in a good way). Blame my childhood!

Oopss gotta go, the other staff is here!



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  1. ouch.
    i was like that too back in school.lols.